I’m going to write what’s on my mind, so I can free up space to focus on revising for my midterms. I believe bullets are necessary because I’m saving my sentence formulations for my essay. 

1. I’m starting to feel and it scares me. 
2. But thing is, I don’t feel anything but guilt.
3. I always thought the idea of emotions and feelings was never really me.
4. But now I’m starting to think that what I’ve been doing since we ended wasn’t me.
5. I always feel so empty.
6. I miss good company.
7. I constantly feel lonely no matter how many people I surround myself with.
8. I started to think about you again.
9. No bueno.
10. I hate that I can’t wear what I want without people giving me shit.
11. I think it’s stupid that I have to cover up MY body because I have to be conscious of how others see me.
12. I’ve been working hard at the gym and I want to show off my progress.
13. I think it’s stupid that if a skinny girl were to wear what I wear, she wouldn’t get shit for it.
14. But because I have breasts, I have to be always aware of what I’m wearing.
15. I think society sucks.
16. I’ve been listening to The Neighbourhood’s I Love You album a lot.
17. It’s really dark and haunted and it’s exactly how I’ve been feeling,
18. I have a long week ahead of me.
19. I just need to find my confidence again.
20. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.
21. I think it’s sad that people don’t care.
21 1/2. I think it’s sad that I care too much.
22. I hate that I do.
23. I need to let this go.
24. But it’s so hard.
25. London has been on my mind again.
26. I need new friends.
27. I hope this feeling stops.


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when you try to get out of a bad situation but realized you only made it worse.


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I am confident. I am determined. I am smart. I am hard working. I am beautiful. I am great. I am strong. I am brave. I deserve the best and nothing but the best. I will never settle for anything less.
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